Inspiring Inclusion on International Women’s Day with Women-made Gifts.

Inspiring Inclusion on International Women’s Day with Women-made Gifts.

The most wonderful time of the year is only 2 weeks away… International Women’s Day is on March 8th! We are working with clients to help make their recognition celebrations extra special with gifts of appreciation for their woman-identifying team members. 

It is a time to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide. It's a day to recognize the progress made towards gender equality and to acknowledge the work that still needs to be done. 

This year’s theme is “Inspire Inclusion” which encourages all of us to inspire others to understand the value women bring when they take a seat at the table, so that together, we can forge a better world. We couldn’t agree more, and would like to help you make your team’s recognition of this important day as impactful as possible. Learn more about the 2024 IWD #inspireinclusion campaign here.

At Conscious Collective, being a woman-owned business ourselves, we celebrate and support other women-led businesses every day, but are so excited to highlight some of our favourite ethical and sustainable vendors whose products make perfect appreciation gifts for International Women's Day. 

Empowering Women-Owned Businesses

Providing a platform for these and other conscious small businesses to thrive and reach a wider audience is why we exist. By purchasing products from women-owned small businesses you are tapping into unique and high-quality products/services AND contributing to the economic equality and empowerment of female entrepreneurs. 

Gift Ideas for your IWD Activation

Your IWD celebration wouldn’t be complete without a giveaway that serves as a useful and lasting reminder of your support of gender diversity and appreciation for women’s contributions to your organization. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas. Ask us about customizing any of these gifts and packaging with your logo and/or the 2024 #inspireinclusion theme. 

To view sample gifts from each of these vendors, simply click on their company name and create a free account on the Conscious Collective platform with just your email address and password.


Giftologie is a women-owned business offering handmade jewelry and linen bags that contribute to meaningful causes, with profits supporting women's charities. Teresa's journey began at a young age, leading her to repurpose materials into unique cuffs and necklaces with inspiring messages, reflecting her belief in inner beauty. The Small Cuff, a fusion of style, purpose, and philanthropy, allows wearers to embrace the artistry while making a positive impact on others' lives. Celebrate International Women's Day with Giftologie and empower women worldwide through fashionable accessories.


Kalaa curates Indian artisanal offerings, encompassing self-care, wellness, and handicrafts that celebrate the nation's rich artistic heritage. Skilled Indian artisans showcase their creations, rooted in time-honored traditions, nurturing appreciation for their craftsmanship and supporting their livelihoods. The "Khadi Traditional" line symbolizes self-reliance and empowerment, offering effective self-care solutions. Kalaa promotes sustainability, fair trade practices, and provides vital support to rural artisans, empowering individuals to connect with India's heritage authentically.


LOHN merges fragrance artistry with a nostalgic journey, offering hand-poured candles in clean, complex scents. Founders Katerina and Victoria merged their backgrounds to capture timeless moments, inviting users to embrace memories along life's path. LOHN's mission embodies innovation, nostalgia, and an unwavering commitment to olfactory perfection. Join their scented odyssey and carry these evocative aromas on your journey.

Kootenay Knit

Kootenay Knit & Apparel, founded in 1994 in British Columbia, specializes in purpose-driven products, crafting items that champion noble causes. Initiatives like the 'Pink Mitten' campaign and partnerships with organizations like the NHL Players Association's 'Hockey Fights Cancer' Program highlight their commitment to community engagement. As a Canadian, woman-owned business certified by the Women Business Enterprises Canada Council, they aim to further diversity program opportunities, providing unique items with a purpose.

Joa Bath and Body 

Introducing Joa Bath and Body, a specialized brand crafting clean cosmetics infused with natural ingredients to provide the nourishment your skin deserves. Their mission is simple: to assist women in achieving a coveted glow while embracing moments of self-care. Joa understands the significance of skincare rituals in today's fast-paced world and has curated a range of products designed to transform your skincare routine into a blissful experience.


Introducing Yawdi's, with a passion for global flavors and a desire to bring the tastes of different countries to kitchens everywhere, the Yawdi's brand was born. Founded by a busy wife and mother of two, Yawdi's Jerk Marinade was created to offer families quick, easy, and healthy meal options without sacrificing taste. With a focus on natural ingredients and authentic flavors, Yawdi's aims to bring a taste of international cuisine to homes around the world, allowing you to escape to places you've never traveled before with every bite.

This International Women's Day, let's celebrate the achievements and contributions of women around the world by supporting women-owned small businesses. At Conscious Collective, we are proud to feature a diverse array of products from women entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact through their creativity, innovation, and dedication.

Let us help with your IWD company activation. We can offer solutions to meet any budget and formats. But don’t hesitate, we can act fast, but time is running out. 

Get Started by completing our Product Preference Journey to narrow down product search and request a quote from us. 

Additionally, if you do nothing else, please consider supporting a non-profit that uplift all kinds of women, here are just a few amazing organizations which we like to support. 

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