Small, diversely-led and ethical vendors are invited to this free community that allows them to market and sell their products and experiences to corporate clients.

  • SHOP

    Client members access a growing membership of artisan and brand products along with tools and support to create that unique gift experience that communicates values.


    Reducing landfill and supporting small conscious vendors leaves meaningful and lasting brand impressions that support our communities and environment.

  • Welcome to the Team

    Tailor a custom package that reflects your values, brand, and budget, ensuring every new team members feel valued and aligned.
    Onboarding Kits 
  • We Appreciate You

    Give your team a boost by showing them some recognition and appreciation that aligns with shared company values.
    Client & Employee Appreciation 
  • Welcome to the Neighbourhood

    Instill confidence and comfort with a thoughtful welcome gift featuring local luxuries which earns trust and communicates values.
    New Home Occupancy Gifts 
  • Here's a Handy Memento

    Great giveaways are not only memorable but lasting. We say, skip the plastic and choose quality over quantity. More intention, less waste.
    Branded Merch 
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