Informed strategy rooted in a deep understanding of you and your brand.

With six years of experience at world-renowned media company Condé Nast, Sarah is an experienced digital strategist offering a unique combination of editorial expertise, creative talent, business acumen and digital know-how. Sarah's experience spans editorial & content strategy, brand digital strategy, communications, audience development, and data analytics. 

Whether it's updating your digital presence across platforms, rethinking your product or offerings, or getting a clear understanding of your audience and strategizing how to better serve and reach them, Sarah's approach combines creative thinking and collaborative partnership with a focus on results.  She's adept at working collaboratively across teams to produce effective ideation, creation, strategy, and development.  Sarah has an innate sense of the true essence of both people and brands, and an uncanny knack for upholding the vision for what could be. This allows her to jump right in and understand where to go and how to create the map to get there..  

To inquire, please email sarah@consciouscollective.io


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Sarah jumped in without hesitation to our complex enterprise content strategy project, where she created content for our global SME partners. A talented writer, she pieced together what little disparate information was available, and used her resourcefulness to fill in the rest and tell a story. She received praise from her team lead, and I found her work to be clean, thoughtful and aligned to our goals – she understood what to do and what we needed right away.
— Kelly Caldwell, Content Strategy at Accenture
Sarah and I worked together for a few years when I was the Executive Director for Digital Editorial Operations for Condé Nast’s corporate office. Her experience bridges between pure editorial roles working with several of their titles (i.e., GQ, WIRED, etc), as well as running development projects with a social face—literally concepting, branding, overseeing design and engineering, social and web analyitics partnerships, and developing and honing voice across a variety of brands and projects—and then transitioning to roles away from the brands and moving to work with the corporate communications team, flawlessly.

Her innate sense of culture and connection is amazing. She has an enormous amount of presence about herself and is not just politically savvy in dealing with a variety of stakeholders and presenting well with executives—she’s a true diplomat who has that innate skill at building consensus and making sure that people working with her across so many teams feel like she truly understands their work. She’s tough to ruffle, and her optimistic pragmatism is such a boon to every project.

BETTER than that—she is supremely organized, has an innate sense of the demands of editorial pacing with the metabolism to run in the social world, and, candidly, is the kind of person who, when she’s working for you, effortlessly makes you look far smarter and better at your job than you are. When I left my role in New York to move to SF, one of the real sadnesses about it for me from a work perspective was that I knew what a total gem she is and how hard it is to find people like that to work with again.
— Emily Smith, formerly Condé Nast, currently Apple
Sarah was incredibly helpful to me as a newbie on a time-sensitive content creation project for a major global client. She not only shared her experience and advice with me freely, but she helped ensure I met my deadlines and delivered content that was valued and appreciated by the client.
— Alison Abernathy, Partner at Abernathy Writers Group
Sarah is visionary. She is able to capture my ideas and translate them into images and a format that spoke to a broad audience. She has extensive knowledge and is insightful as well as thorough. Sarah helped me easily understand social media as a way to communicate ideas. She was reassuring as I negotiated an area of marketing that was unfamiliar to me. The positive results from colleagues, family and friends were immediate. Sarah was a game changer for my business.
— Kate Crow, Empowerment Coach & Founder of the Shift-It Method


adjective con·scious \ ˈkän(t)-shəs \

: aware of and responding to one's surroundings; awake

: done or acting with critical awareness 

: capable of or marked by thought, will, design, or perception