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Celebrate Cultural Appreciation At Kebaonish, we take pride in being an Indigenous coffee and Indigenous tea company that highlights the spirit of sharing in Indigenous cultures and communities worldwide. We promote generations of well-being by embracing Indigenous traditional knowledge systems, wisdom, and worldview(s) inspired by the Anishinaabe concept of Mino-Bimaadiziwin ("living the good life") and the Haudenosaunee principle of Ka'nikonhrí:yo ("the good mind"). We believe that by incorporating these teachings of a good mind and a good heart, we can bring people closer to harmony in the world, and it all starts with a cup of coffee or tea. Kebaonish is an Indigenous-led Business Driving Economic Reconciliation in Canada. For economic reconciliation to happen, Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples must collaborate in meaningful and reciprocal relationships for shared economic prosperity. The Kebaonish team is proudly Indigenous-led and has Indigenous and non-Indigenous (Settler-Canadian) co-founders and partners. With our unique blend of experience, education, and expertise, there is no doubt that we are poised to make a significant impact in the North American food and beverage industry. For Kebaonish, economic reconciliation centers on the necessary steps to achieve economic self-determination through an Indigenous-led business. Through this economic self-determination, self-sufficiency and creating a sustainable business, we can be an example for others, creating the conditions for Indigenous economic autonomy to thrive.

Kebaonish Proudly Indigenous

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Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory

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  • Eco-Friendly
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  • Small Business (under 100 employees)
  • Woman Owned
  • Indigenous Owned